What are the geografical limits of my collection ?

A very difficult question.  In fact the right term should be “East Asia Martial Arts”.  But how can we define the territory "East Asia" ? I'll explain how I solved this problem. The western limit of Asia is around 40° westerlenght on the world map coordinates. The eastern limit of Asia is around 170° westerlenght. 170° minus 40° makes 130°, 130° divided by 2 gives as result 65°. When we add these 65° to the 40° of the western limit, the result is 105° which is the meridian that cuts Asia in West and  East. But some countries are divided by this meridian, so they belong to West and East Asia. These divided countries are nevertheless also part of the collection if they have developed fighting techniques.

What are the other limits of the collection ?

The techniques need to have a moral or philosophic base just as Zen or Tao. The only exception  is the Brazilian Capoeira because the development of this martial art is similar to the fighting techniques without weapons in the East. 
Excluded are disciplines as “Full Contact Karate” because these martial arts are developed outside Asia as a derivate of Asian techniques and also because they have the intention to create injuries during the fight.

How do I name the disciplines ?

The disciplines have Japanese equivalent names if I don’t know the original name of the discipline in the home language of the country. So archery from a running horse in Mongolia or any identical technique in the world are named “Yabusame”. But I also accept archery as “Kyudo” when a natural bow is used, this means a bow without adjustment tools.
This theory results in
the following list which gives an idea of the complexity of my collection : 
: Judo (separate collection), Karate, Ju Jitsu,Kendo, Sumo, Kempo, Hapkido, Kobudo, Yabusame, Iaido,
           Naginata, Tambo, Jodo, Kyudo,
Aikido etc.
China : Wushu, Shaolin, Kungfu, Tai chi chuan, etc.
Korea : Taekwondo etc.
: Pensak Silat, etc.
Russia : Sambo
Brasilia : Capoeira
History : Samurai, Ninja, Shogun (and their equipment)
Weapons : Katana, Tonfa, Shuriken, Bo, Nunchaku, Sai, etc.

How do I classify countries ?

With the specific name of the state, so "République Française" becomes "FRANCE" but I add their own denomination. "Upper Volta" becomes "VOLTA" meaning in this case we drop the description of the name of the state. Sometimes there are two descriptions ( JAPAN - NIPPON for example ) when the country names differ too much.


Which explanations and abbreviations are used ? 

Reference number : is the place of the image in the database
Facial                    :  the value printed on a stamp
Date                      : the day of issue
Edition                  : quantity printed
FDC                      : First Day Cover
Cancel                  : cancellation with image or text of the discipline
Non-dent              : imperforate
Miscelan.              : possibly a matchbox cover or a cigar band etc

How can you help ?

I hope you will enjoy collecting as much as I do.  Let me know of updates, errors, and omissions, plus missing names of the techniques.  Thanks!  Yours in martial arts collecting,

Piet Van Hool